Medical Mission Trip June 8

By Kim Bennett: We had such an amazing day today! The children welcomed us with warm smiles and hugs! We sifted sand and mixed concrete. We played soccer... Hop scotch and jumped rope... Among many other things. We had an awesome bible study and participated in fun crafts. Wow God! You did it again! You showed up and showed off in such a mighty way! you have perfectly knitted our team together to be one... is like we have known each other for 10 years when in reality, we have never said more than a few words to one another before this trip. The weather... The constant breeze... Chains are breaking... Lives are changing... Thank you Lord for trusting us to be YOUR portal. Thank you for allowing us to be your hands... To love, with your heart. More of you Jesus, less of us... Thank you all for your prayers back home. We can feel the power... Much love.